Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Thoughts on J. Mei's Presentation...

First of all, it was really great presentation and I had really great time hearing it.
J. Mei's presentation was about risks of using new media such as online communities.
The example of online communities that we used were pro-eating disorder communities, live webcam communities, MySpace and all kinds of social networking sites.
She gave us a lot of examples that occured in those social networking sites, such as Adam Biggs' live webcam suicide, MySpace Suicide, and Cyber Sexual harrassment.
While I was listening her, I could think one more example, which happend in korea.
In Korea, there are a lot of celebrities commit suicide because of replies from anti-fans on the news about them. So, recently, the government of Korea have strangthen the power of cyber law and actually put those people, who wrote bad things and spread out rumors, to actual jails with several years of sentence.
I completley agreed with J. Mei's point of view of risks of using new media.

Cis 3810

Such a Nice Class and Fun Class

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Class Wiki So far...

In my opinion our Class Wiki contains all kinds of New Media information in various fields such as music, sports, business and medical etc...
Beginning of the semester, I decided to contribute in New Media in the business field. So I researched book and all kinds of websites to find new and innovative new media.
During the research I found that these days, a lot of companies trying to cut down the travel fees for employees so they are using a video conferencing. This method allow company to not to travel around to have conference in other location. Also, by not traveling around, people could save a lot of time and put those time in preparing the presentation and the conference.

Also, for class wiki, I contributed in putting pictures to other guys posting and also, tried to change misspelled words and wrong use of grammar.

Moreover, I created new pages for New media technologies that recently invented.

I believe this Class Wiki allowed me to learn more about new media and how new media helped our lives.

Class Wiki is such a good way to be more closer to the new media.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Next New Thing

The first new media that I could think of is "The New Cellphone." It is actually convergence of wallet and cellphone. In other word, we could use our cellphone as a credit card. If you go to a grocery store there are credit card machine that allow us to just tap the card without swiping it. This tapping can be done because of the micro-chip that is embeded into the card. We could just take that micro chip and put it into our cellphone. Then, we could just tap our cellphone onto that machine and all transactions are done. (We don't need to carry our wallets around.)

Another new media is unified ticket machine in bus, subway and LIRR. When we take subway or bus, we need to buy tickets and often we forget to refill our tickets and also we could lose tickets easily. In order to prevent these inconvineince, we could merge creditcard machine into transportation ticketing machine. When we get on the bus or subway, we don't need to wait in the line to buy ticket, but just swipe or tap the credit card we are good to go. Isn't it great and fast? lol

Advice To Baruch College

You are hired by Baruch College to use new media to improve the College.What are some suggestions you would make?
If I were hired by Baruch College to improve use of media in College, I will advise them two things.
First, school need to record professor's lecture on tape or mp3 files to let student to listen after their classes. Some professor never use whiteboard nor any power point slides so for some students, they are having hard time doing both writing notes and listening to professor. Baruch can create a website with mp3 files of professor's lecture and update it daily. If professors are worrying about plagirism, they could make the mp3 file with expiration date. For example, If professor update his mp3 lecture file, it will automatically deletes it self after 1 or 2days. This media can help students in learning course materials fully.
Second, Baruch can offer online courses. In Summer session, there are limited courses offered by school and this limitation could slow down student's graduation so in order to prevent this problem, school can offer online courses that is not offered in summer session. For example, if school can not find a professor to teach a course, school can make course a online. Each department can create their own website of courses and they could put reading materials, homeworks, and exams. (like the homework manager by pearson). This system could cut down school's budget for professor's salaries and student can actually afford to take summer classes.


How do we distinguish “new media” from “old media"?
I do not know how to seperate between new media and old media because there is no such barrier that we could easily recognize.
For example, when we look at the computer, we could say that it is new media. Eventhough, we add new features, it is still a computer.
Maybe, there is some difference in 386 computer and core2duo computer.

For me, old media can be transform into new media with new features added.(convergence)
for example, 128mb mp3 player became 32gb ipod touch and "bulky" cellphone because slim cellphone with camera.

Modeling Reality With Virtual Worlds

What are some ways (corporate and otherwise) that these technologies can be used?
Virtual worlds have a lot of advantages if it is used by corporate. In today's business world, a lot of companies have branches in different countries so it is kind of hard to gather people around. However, with virtual world, all the workers from around the world could get together in cyberspace. It means companies could cut their budget in travel. Also, there is another benefit with virtual world which is training new workers. Virtual worlds can be look really like actual office so that workers could be familiar with the environment. Also, if people trains new comers in actual life, it is time taking. Also, as it mentioned in the article that we read in class, the computer company, IBM already adapted these kind of technology and succesfully using it.

What are the benefits of these technologies to society?
For our society, virtual world helped out people with disability. There was one article about a women who could find her new personality through the virtual world, She actually had to live her whole life in wheel chair but with virtual world, she could dance, run, ride a horse and swim.. It really helped her to be more active and talkative.

Is there a "dark side"?
There could be a darkside. Due to lack of security in virtual world, people could assult other people orally, such as verbal sexual harrassment and curse at people.